Pre Treatment Chemicals

Backed by valued industry experience, we provide our clients with an extensive range of Pre Treatment Chemicals.

Pre Treatment Chemical
We have a wide range of pre Treatment chemicals, which we offer in varied packaging options. Appreciated for their fine quality, these chemicals are non-toxic and are known for their accurate composition. Our chemicals have precise ph value and are processed as per the industry specific guidelines.
Following are the specification :-
Deepnol-R54(PS) Polyester and IS Blend DE-Sizing/Scouring/Swelling Agent
Deepnol-R SDL Polyester and IS Blend One bath Scouring/Dyeing Agent
Deepnol-RS-10 Cotton Wetting Agent
Deepnol-R-Polyscour Cotton/PC Wetting/Scouring Agent
Deepnol-NID Preparatory Product All Textile applications
Deepnol-FC Polyester and ITS Blend Stain Remover Polyesterpretreatment application
Deepnol-SA Polester and ITS Blend Scouring agent for Polyester
Deepnol-MA Cotton Mercerising Agent