Textile Printing Chemicals

Our clients can avail from us premium quality . We use superior quality base material to ensure durability and reliability of Textile Printing Chemicals.

Textile Printing Chemical
We are amongst the most prominent processors & supplier of Textile Printing Chemicals. These are made using thickener, pigment emulsion, fixing agents and emulsifier. Our chemicals are non-toxic and have gained acclamation for their precise pH value and stability in different climatic conditions.
Following are the specification :-

1 Deepnol-R-Super KST Printing Pigment Printing Thickener
2 Deepnol-R-6000 Reactive Printing Reactive Printing Thickener
3 Deepnol-R6000 (D) Disperse Printing Disperse Printing Thickener
4 Deepnol-R-Buff-99 Disperse Printing Loop Accelerator
5 Deepnol-KBI Disperse Printing Pennetreating Agent
6 Deepnol-Binder GB Gold Binder Zari Printing
7 Deepnol-Binder-VSLN Pigment Printing Binder Pigment Printing
8 Deepnol-Binder-Flock Flock Printing Binder Printing Khadi Binder for Folk Printing
9 Deepnol-Cottonkhadi Printing Khadi Printing Application
10 Deepnol-Carbonise Khadi Printing Khadi Printing Application
11 Deepnol Fixnol Pigment Printing Colour Fixing