Rotary Engraving Chemicals

Backed by valued industry experience, we provide our clients with an extensive range of Rotary Engraving Chemicals

Degreaser Formulation
This is a nonhazardous, easy to use, water dilutable cleaning and degreasing formulation for degreasing Rotary Screens prior to engraving.
1 Litre of 50l + 4 litres of tap water
USING BATH: For this a pickling tank made of HDPE or a special tank made for degreasing, lined with polythene can be used. Fill the tank with the diluted 50l up to a height to dip the screen at least l" below the surface . Dip the screen take the screen out of the bath after 10 minutes. Wash thoroughly with a spray of water until the screen is perfectly clear of the cleaning solution. Give a final rinse with DM water. Dry & use for coating. Use the bath repeatedly until it becomes ineffective.
Degreasing can be effective by brushing the screen kept on the degreasing stand , with a polyester cloth dipped in the diluted 50l. Brush the whole screen perfectly & clean with water as before.
Perfect degreasing is the primary requirement for a perfect engraving . So make degreasing perfect . Thoroughly degreased screen holds a continuous film of water at the final rinse.
The diluted 50l is not very harmful. But being a chemical the usual precautions are to be taken. Wear protective clothing. It affects cotton , glass & metal surfaces. Being acidic , it will damage cement & lime. If in contact with skin, wash with plenty of water. Never let taken in. STORAGE: Can be stored indefinitely if the original container is kept closed. Marketed in 30 kgs. HDPE carboys.
VIP Photo Emulsion
This is Photosensitive Emulsion which gives a strong engraved film resistant to all the chemicals used in Textile Printing & to normal mechanical abrasions during printing.
1 Litre of 50l + 4 litres of tap water
1)For Hand Coating 1000ml Emulsion + 100ml Sensitizer.
2)For Machine Coating 1000ml Emulsion + 100ml Sensitizer + 100ml water •Retouching-Any of the above mix. Mix thoroughly. Allow to deaerate. Filter if possible. Coat after 2 hours. Prepared Emulsion can be kept for 48 hours if kept below 20°C. Should be stirred gently before coating. COATING: •HAND COATING: Use a clean & smooth edged squeegee, adjust coating speed to 25 cms per second. Apply first coat. Allow to dry at 25-30°C below 50% humidity. Apply second coat. Allow to dry as above. Apply third coat. Reverse the screen & apply fourth coat wet on wet. Allow to dry perfectly before exposure.
oat as usual with the automatic coating machine. Normally a 1850 mm screen can be coated in 15 minutes. Dry thoroughly before exposure. N.B: Coating speed & methods can be perfected by the engraver by experience. Above is only a general guideline for perfection. DRYING: Should be done in a duty free atmosphere. Temperature at 20-30°C & humidity below 50% found to be perfect.
1)Expose as per routine procedure. Exposing time depends on the machine used.
2)Special U.V. Tube light - 120-130 seconds.
3)Philips HPR125 - 15 strokes.
Can be developed in ordinary tap water provided it is neutral & the temperature is between 20-30°C. Developing starts within 5 min & will be complete within 10 min. Mild rubbing with a polyester cloth will enhance the developing. Clean inside & outside the screen with a mild spray after taking out from the developing bath. Rinse finally with a cup of DM water. Dry before curing.
2)Retouching can be done with the emulsion prepared for coating.
Stripper for Stripping Engraved
We offer Stripper for Stripping Engraved. This is very strong acidic formulation that strips Rotary Screens off Engraving Emulsion exposed and cured at 170°-180°C for 2 hours. This is supplied in a ready to use concentration. Never mix with water.
Stripping :
Fill the specially made stripping tank with 30l so that the immersed screen lies at least l" below the surface of the liquid. Dip the screen, cleaned with water after printing, in the stripper bath. Let it stay dipped for 15 minutes. Check the effect. A normal cured screen will be stripped withing 25 minutes. Take out the screen from the tank. Wash with plenty of water. Rub with an alkaline cleaning powder (VIM). Rinse with water. Degrease with diluted Vip Deg 50l as guided. The screen is now ready for reuse. Note: Withing the normal Stripping time (30 mins)the screen is not affected by the stripper. In case of very much over cured screens, a little more time is not injurious. Anyway, do not let the screen in the stripper for more than 2 hours. If the screen is taken out from the stripper immediately when it is stripped, the screen can be reused as much as 5 times.
1)The stripping area should be well ventilated in view of the volatility of some ingredients of the stripper.
2)Availability of plenty of water should be assured in the stripping area.
3)Protective clothing should be provided for the worker. The gloves & boots should be of Polythene. Normal materials like PVC & Rubber will be affected by the stripper.
4)Avoid contact with any part of the body. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water till the irritation is over. Dry & apply some fatty cream. In case of contact with eyes, apply a few drops of castor oil(refined) after rinsing with water. Quickness in rinsing with water reduce the effect considerably. Seek medical aid if irritation persists after first aid. STORAGE: Vip Deg 30l can be stored indefinitely if kept cool & closed in the original container.
Rotary Engraving Chemicals
We offer our clients a range of Rotary Engraving Chemicals. These are precise in composition and are prepared under hygienic conditions to ensure their suitability in different applications. Our chemicals are safe to use and conform to the defined industry standards.
1)A good amount of running water should be provided for rinsing the affected parts of the body.
2)The work area should be well ventilated in view of the volatility of some ingredients.
3)Use of polythene glove is recommended to take the ring from the liquid.
4)Avoid contact with any part of the body. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.
Following are the specification :-
Endring Remover Cleaning Application Rotary Nickel Screen
Stripper Cleaning Application Rotary Nickel Screen
Flufix Cleaning Application Rotary Machine
Chromic Soln Cleaning Application Rotary Nickel Screen
Degreaser Cleaning Application Rotary Nickel Screen
Endring Glue Sticking Rotary Nickel Screen
Photo Emulsion(Flat Bed/Rotary) Exposing Rotary Nickel Screen/Flat Bed